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How Self-Care and Self Love Can Make a Difference

Self-care help is one of the lessons learned from Coach Keisha Speaks, LLC. For people to take care of others, they must take care of themselves first. After all, what good are we to others if we are not in good shape and health. Teaching self-care help to those who are trying to make a difference in this world takes motivation. Sometimes people need that kick in the pants to get up and do something that we do not always want to do, which is caring for ourselves. Then again, it is not that we do not want to do it; we sometimes forget while we are helping others. It is only human nature to go on about daily life, whether in school, work, or events, and sometimes lose the sense of balance in life. Balance is critical when it comes to self-care, and no one can teach it better than La'Keisha.

Along with self-care, self-love is also essential. They go hand in hand. Self-love would fall under believing in oneself. If a person has self-love and thinks they can do anything, then the sky can become the limit, and goals can become achieved daily. When working with individuals or groups, it is the first step to getting people to become motivated. There is consulting, mentoring, and workshops set up to achieve these goals. It also helps when teenagers are going through life, and they may not feel they are important to society. Teaching youth self-love is the best way to make a brighter tomorrow for our world. Doing this creates a ripple effect across the globe, and the self-love spreads from one person to another. It is like a smile or laughter, which is contagious. There are massive changes that can occur one person at a time. It can start in schools, work, or any environment, but it begins with self-love.

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