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Manifestation To Excellence

When a person is motivated, a manifestation takes place from curiosity to excellence. If a person joins in on the fun of a motivational speech, they begin with interest. Something in the speech compels them to listen and follow along. There is a topic that pertains to the individual, and once they get caught up in the speech, they become hooked with positivity. The manifestation begins to take shape as it inspires a new person to come forth and leave the old ways behind. The old ways can hold a person down and keep them in a rut. As a person's attitude changes, their demeanor changes. Once this happens, success is imminent. Sometimes all a person needs is to hear somebody believes in them. Once a person is there to coach them, the drive depends on their passion for how bad they want to achieve their dreams. It is funny how words can transform a person.

A problem solver should be at every corner of life. People have this trait within themselves, but it takes a particular person to motivate someone to bring it out to full capacity. It also takes a lot out of a person to be a problem solver. Sometimes a person can become weary when dealing with issues all day, every day. These are times when motivation can help a problem solver continue to carry on with their daily task. Whether solving problems for work, other people, or solving their own problems, a sense of restlessness can overpower a person. Having a mentor can relieve a person's stress in these situations. This is when individual help can work in their favor, and La'Keisha is right there to help keep the train on the tracks, so to speak. All it takes is good coaching.

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