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Dream Chaser

How a Dream Chaser Can Become a Problem Solver

It is said, "Man without vision shall perish." This statement could not be any more true. Dreams are the visions we hold in our minds and hearts of where we want to be. Dream chasers are people who stop at nothing to get to their designated spot in life. Free will and choices make us aware of our dreams, but it is the passion that can make or break a dream chaser. Some may stumble and falter and give up at the first sign of defeat. It is human instinct to become discouraged when things do not go our way, but a dream chaser will not let failure stand in their way of success. Everyone has to start somewhere, and it is at the bottom. A dream chaser knows it takes one day at a time and learns from their mistakes. To be teachable is a valuable asset. This is where a motivational speaker can come in handy.

A problem solver comes from the dreamers who are the leaders of the groups. These are the top mentors who dreamed their way to success and worked on pulling others up along with them. La'Keisha is also one of these problem solvers who can work with a crowd of people at a school or workplace. She is also able to work individually with those who rather work alone. Coach Keisha Speaks, LLC, teaches people how to become a problem solver along with the motivation to follow the right paths to success. It is the highest step to spreading encouraging words to those who require that push toward excellence. Most people ask the question that deals with the "What IFs." La'Keisha turns it around to what if we believe in ourselves. The possibilities are endless. It is a process that takes time and must go through all the steps.

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